We connect individuals with disabilities to long-term employment opportunities.

The average unemployment rate for individuals with disabilities is more than twice that of those without disabilities in the United States. The Bridge Initiative is a nonprofit organization that connects these individuals to long-term employment opportunities. We do so by partnering with regional job training centers, offering a web platform that provides services to aid people with disabilities and their caregivers in order to ease the process of employment. The Bridge Initiative strives to create a national network of enabled employees, reshaping the way we treat disabilities in America.

There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more.
— Robert M. Hensel


  • In July of 2014, we met at the MIT Launch incubator in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At the pitch competition on the final weekend of the program, we received the award for "Most Innovative Startup."
  • We continued to grow at the Catapult Ideas incubator at the University of Chicago.
  • Now, we are hard at work with our partners in Chicago, headed by Chicago Regional Director Cristiano Rotolo. In August, we finalized our inaugural partnership with Our Place in Wilmette. 
  • Tech Guru Sonia Appasamy has been hard at work developing our full web service, and it is almost complete. We have an exciting few months ahead!